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What a Waste of Time

Void Moon - Michael Connelly

I don't want to even see the word "void" for a month. It's repeated throughout this book and also moons are shown. I just wanted to finish this so I could count it to Horror Aficionados ABC Challenge. If it wasn't for that, I would have DNFed this thing on Sunday. 


"Void Moon" follows Cassie Black. Cassie we find out through a long winding road is an ex-felon. She decides to take one last heist in order to get enough funds to kidnap her daughter who was adopted at birth. I throw in that last part so you can get why I wasn't rooting for Cassie. She's self absorbed and due to her actions causes a lot of damage to people. I found out after the fact she appears in "The Narrows" and is referred to in other Harry Bosch books. That said, she didn't need a standalone. I did not care a whit about her and the other characters in this book were underdeveloped and a mess.


The book takes a really long time to get going. We start off with Cassie touring a house and I was able to put two and two together rather quickly. I didn't get all of the details right, but enough to just hard sigh through everything. I have to say that the twists in this book were just ridiculous after a while. The heist plot didn't work for me and then we found out about a plot towards the end that made zero sense to me. 


Of course the heist goes wrong and then the book starts to also follow Jack Karch. Karch is a psychopath. I got nothing else but that. He has a tenuous connection to Cassie and the guy seems to get off on "winning" at all costs. Connelly follows Cassie and Karch as they run around causing havoc in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. 


I can't say much about anyone else in this book. They were merely there to either be killed or help out Cassie. 

The writing was typical Connelly, but without Bosch to ground the book I just didn't care. Reading about how to burgle a room and steal from a mark had me yawning. I should have just rewatched Ocean's Eleven again. The flow was awful from start to finish. Everything read very disjointed because I think that Connelly wanted to throw out surprises/twists to readers. Instead I just hard shrugged through most of it. 

The ending just fell flat. I think the biggest issue I had was this book does not matter in the Bosch universe at all. I rather have another Haller book.