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Fourth of July Rolls-Booklikesopoly for Obsidian Blue

FALSE INSPECTOR DEW - Peter Lovesey Good Enough to Eat - Stacey Ballis The Nantucket Inn - Pamela M. Kelley

Today is my regular roll day which means I get that roll and the three rolls that Moonlight is doling out for the Fourth of July.


7/3/19, Roll 19:


Landed on: 



Going to use my robot card to just ignore that one and roll again.



7/3/19 Roll 20 (4th of July Roll #1):



Landed on: 29. Scottie dog: Post a list or poll of 4 books, and ask your fellow players/followers to "fetch" you a book.


Separate post for this one coming up soon!


I get an extra roll because of the doubles. 



Landed on: 35. We took the Ferry to France, crossing the English Channel.

Read a book set in Europe, or that was written by an author who was born in a Europe, or that involves travel by boat or that has a picture of a ship on the cover.



Woot! I got books from Tigus and also books from when I visited Moonlight last year :-) I am going to read "The False Inspector Dew." My book has a ship and gun on the cover. 


7/3/19 Roll 20 (4th of July Roll #2):



Passed Go so need to add $5.00 to the bank. 

Landed on: 7. Most places have a lot of different opportunities for summer fun!

Read a book that has a house on the cover, or that is related to something unique about your community (for example, if your community has a strawberry festival, read a book with strawberries on the cover).



Hmm around this area (Northern VA) there are always wine and food festivals. So going to go for something related to that book wise. Picked "Good Enough to Eat" since it deals with a chef and food and the book has recipes in it as well. 


7/3/19 Roll 20 (4th of July Roll #3):



Landed on: 11. There are gorgeous beaches all over the world. My personal favorite beach is in Pacific City, Oregon. Read a book set in a coastal/beach region that you love, or would love to visit, or a book that has a beach or ocean on the cover.


Selected "The Nantucket Inn" since it takes place on a coastal/beach/region I want to go to visit someday. There is also a little sliver of ocean and you can see the beach on the cover too.