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Wonderful Romance!

Don't You Forget About Me - Mhairi McFarlane

Please note that I received this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review.


So "Don't You Forget About Me" was wonderful. I have never read McFarlane before, but now I want to read all of her books. This book had so much heart and I loved Georgina (the main character) and her friends Jo, Clem, and Rav. I also laughed a lot and even teared up when you find out why Georgina's life derailed when she was a teen and again a few months later. There's not any love scenes in this one, but you definitely get chemistry for days between Georgina and her love interest. Now if we can a sequel following Clem, Rav, or Jo I will be thrilled.

"Don't You Forget About Me" follows 30 something Georgina. Georgina is a waitress at possibly the worst restaurant in England. Seriously, I maybe laughed a few times when Georgina recounts the mess that went on in the kitchen. When a restaurant critic starts to make a fuss about his congealed carbonara the chef blames Georgina and fires her. Georgina goes to her boyfriend's place and finds him having sex with someone else. So yeah, we're off and running. McFarlane follows Georgina who is trying to do something with her writing (yeah she hasn't written anything yet) and who ends up finding a new job at a pub. Only problem is that one of the owners of the place is someone that Georgina has wondered about for ages, the boy she was in love with, Lucas McCarthy. 


Georgina is definitely someone you want to root for. Her whole family sounds like a mess, but once you get some reveals going on you find out what was going on with all of the parties (her mom and sister) and I just ended up liking everyone more. That is one thing I want to keep emphasizing with this book, not everything is pushed out in the open. McFarlane lets the character of Georgina tell us things in her own way. We find out that her relationship with her jerk of an ex wasn't as awesome as she thought it was. And with that she starts to reveal how she first met Lucas and what happened between them.


The secondary characters like Lucas, Clem, and Rav were great. Lucas is an engima at first, but once again we find out what has happened to him since school. Rav and Clem were hilarious. I loved the friendship between the three friends and Georgina. They all got each other and supported one another. 

The writing was great. The stories that Georgina tells are hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking. Her voice throughout this book was strong. The flow was great as well.

The book takes place in London though we mainly have the bar that Lucas owns, Georgina's apartment, and her sister's place as the main settings in this book.

The ending does a six months later epilogue that I was very pleased with. Seriously though, follow up with Clem or Rav.