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Tried for a Love Potion No. 9 Vibe and Somehow Made it Worse

The Love Solution - Ashley Croft

Please note that I received this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my rating or review.

FYI, I plan on using spoilers in this one because that is how aggravated I am by this whole book. Look away if you don't want to be spoiled. 


"The Love Solution" follows sisters Sarah and Molly. The two of them are close after losing their parents in a car accident when they were younger. Sarah is trying to start a new business while happily in love with her boyfriend Niall. Molly is working in her lab with her hot boss Ewan trying to create something called "The Love Bug." Molly is attracted to Ewan, but he has a strict rule about not getting involved with coworkers after his ex-wife had an affair with a colleague. You follow all that?  Well when Molly has a break through with developing the "The Love Bug" she has to deal with her sister wanting to use it after she gets dumped by Niall. 


I have to say that science is a major plot of this book but I am really aggravated by how it was used. So you all remember the movie "Love Potion No. 9?"

Image result for love potion no 9 gif

As a kid even I thought the movie was messed up. You have two scientists that put together a potion that makes them unresistible to whoever they speak to. Yeah....let's not even get into the messed up actions of the two leads in the movie and how they were advocating for rape. Someone being forced to respond to you due to "science" is not great. So with "The Love Solution" after Sarah is dumped by Niall she demands her sister help her get him back by using what she is developing in her lab. 


So Sarah is just plain awful through this book. She also gets involved in a love triangle and I maybe threw my hands up. The fact that she wants her sister to use something that she developed to force a guy who dumped her to get back with her? I just could not. And then Croft tries to instill some "comedy" into things when they do a whole well did we use the actual love bug or was it a placebo. I can't believe that the author didn't even have one of these two fools talk about consent and how they shouldn't be doing this and wasn't this a form of rape. If I had known more about this book I would have passed on getting it via NetGalley. The synopsis made it seem like it was a fun romance with two sisters possibly doing something involving science but not with something that would actually involve forcing men to be with you if they don't want to be.  


Molly is a dingbat and it takes her freaking boss telling her how far she overstepped for her to even get it. But of course he has done something she can point to and be all ethics in gaming and I wanted to throttle her too. 

And I can't with the love interests because they are void of any type of personality and should be called Beige 1 and Beige 2. Neither sister deserves happiness and should be forced into therapy and get it through their tiny heads that being with a man is not the end all be all and if you have to "game" a dude to being with you you are a messed up person. And of course they learn some lessons, yadda yadda yadda. You both still suck. 

The writing wasn't great either. There were some awkward sentence structures that gave me pause here and there. The flow was awful too. I don't think Croft was able to juggle two characters and their story-lines. I will pass on her in the future. 

The ending made me roll my eyes. That's all I got.