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One Day in December  - Josie Silver

Look you saw my updates. You know what's coming. I don't have much to say except this is a terrible book masquerading a romance. It's bad enough the plot is terrible, but add in no character development of the two leads and the writing being so-so I was ticked that a lot of reviews gave this book 5 stars. Cause I have problems championing a couple that's emotionally cheating and in one case has the hero put his hands on the heroine. It's telling readers out there that you must struggle for love and it's okay if the person you love treats you terribly, you just put up with it so in the end they love you. Bump that crap.


So "One Day in December" starts in 2008 with Laurie on the way home to her flat that she lives in with her best friend Sarah. Laurie is in a job she hates and is looking forward to Christmas and her visit with her parents and her brother. Stuck on a bus wishing to murder the woman in front of her, Laurie looks out the window and makes eye contact with a man. They seem to share a moment (drive heave) and Laurie wishes she had gotten off the bus or he had gotten out since she now knows that she has fallen in love at first sight. The first part of the book follows Laurie as she brushes off any attempts to start thinking of a new guy and daydreams about "bus boy." In her mind he's perfect and has to be better than the guys who have come before. Laurie is happy for her best friend Sarah though who has fallen in love with a guy named Jack. So the two friends throw a holiday party and Sarah invites Jack, who is "bus boy". From there Silver jumps into dual POVs with both Laurie and Jack through the years (10 of them) and I just could not. I read the synopsis and I hoped that Silver would do a good job with the plot since sometimes you can, or sometimes you just turn it into "Love, Rosie" and I want to scream until I lose my voice.

Here's the thing, Laurie and Jack suck. If we had these two maybe longing for each other that could have been enough. Instead Silver dives into them emotionally cheating and then Laurie actually kissing Jack at one point. At that point I was over Laurie. And Jack is an asshole. One of my friends once said to me about a guy that I was into was I into him because of X, Y, Z, or was I into him because he was tall. That kind of flattened me since I knew what she meant. I liked the idea of the guy, but him in close proximity irked the crap out of me. This whole book was two people who are actually not good for each other and these two fools saying how they are friends made me howl with laughter. Silver actually only shows them having I think having two or maybe three "deep conversations." And I put that in quotes because it's the conversations you have with people when you are drinking. They don't know a thing about each other besides some bits and pieces and it's superficial. When Jack turns into super douche I was over it.


The secondary characters are not developed very well except for the character of Sarah. Frankly I wish that Silver had just thrown in her POV and actually reworked this more because in the end Laurie and Jack don't deserve Sarah. 

The writing was not very good. Another reviewer complained about the half finished sentences and fragments and I have to agree. No one talks like this in real life and it didn't help that we spend our time mostly with Laurie and her woe is me self and even when Silver sets up her moving on it's still a PITA to read her POV. The flow was awful. If you do dual POVs this way I have to want to learn something from both people. I learned Jack is terrible and deserved to die in a ditch somewhere. Laurie is a doormat. That's all I got.


The setting of the book takes place in London over a 10 year period with some other locations talked about or visited, but nothing really stuck in my mind.

The ending made me roll my eyes a thousand times.