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Could Not Get Into This One: DNF at 25 Percent

The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K. Le Guin

I tried. Really. I hate it when I don't get into a classic. I have been told for years that I should read Ursula K. Le Guin and how much I would like her and maybe I should just try something else. This book didn't make any sense to me. I kept reading words and going what in the world does this mean? And some of the sentences/paragraphs felt overly written. I just finally decided that I wasn't enjoying it and moved on to another book (that I also didn't like so jokes on me!) and that's that. I DNFed at 25 percent.


I am realizing that I don't think I even know the protagonist's name in this book. Oh well, well a human goes to a planet called Winter and goggles about the aliens that he meets. I seriously cannot tell you more than this. I started and stopped this book four times and just gave up. I did think that the human being was kind of an ass and seemed to spend most of the 25 percent that I read going on about the aliens and what so and so means.


"It starts on the 44th diurnal of the Year 1491, which on the planet Winter in the nation Karhide was Odharhahad Tuwa or the twenty-second day of the third month of spring in the Year One. It is always the Year One here. Only the dating of every past and future year changes each New Year’s Day, as one counts backwards or forwards from the unitary Now. So it was spring of the Year One in Erhenrang, capital city of Karhide, and I was in peril of my life, and did not know it."

You need to explain to me what half of those damn words even mean. I needed a prologue or something to be put in to explain the backstory. The world building that I have read so far is not there. We as readers are supposed to just go oh Karhide, yes, I totally know where this is. 



"The snow still fell, a mild spring blizzard, much pleasanter than the relentless rain of the Thaw just past."


I assume that the word "thaw" being capitalized means that it's something else that I should care about. I don't know. 


"Estraven’s house, sign of the king’s high favor, was the Corner Red Dwelling, built 440 years ago for Harmes, beloved kemmering of Emran III, whose beauty is still celebrated, and who was abducted, mutilated, and rendered imbecile by hirelings of the Innerland Faction."


I think at this point I started making myself a gin and tonic.


"Thus as I sipped my smoking sour beer I thought that at table Estraven’s performance had been womanly, all charm and tact and lack of substance, specious and adroit."


Just words thrown up on my Kindle screen that all together make very little sense.


I never felt connected to this story the entire time I was reading it. I need to feel a connection to what I am reading via the protagonist. Even if that connection is disgust/ire (see Gone Girl, earlier Prey books, etc.) I need to feel something as I am put in the head of the main character.