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Key Elements of a Hate to Love Romance Missing

The Wedding Party (The Wedding Date #3) - Jasmine Guillory

So this pains me. I bought this today and ended up not really enjoying it. It was a fight to finish because in the end Maddie and Theo were not as intriguing as Alexa and Drew (The Wedding Date) and even Carlos and Nik (The Proposal). If you are going to do a hate to love romance you have to make me actually believe the two people don't like each other. We are finally shown what happened when Maddie and Theo first met and yeah, Theo sucked, but after that there was nothing there. We should have been given more  to work with. Also....Theo and Maddie were boring. I was bored from beginning to end and just wish that we were actually get more Alexa and Drew in this one. 


So "The Wedding Date" follows the timeline of Maddie and Theo's relationship. What actually did work for me in this one is that Guillory shows timelines. It drove me up the wall in the last book how quickly Carlos and Nik got together, but this one takes place over a course of about 10 months or so, possibly a year. We get to see Maddie and Theo's first meeting, Theo's birthday (which took place in book #1) and we get to see how Maddie and Theo first hooked up. From there we have the two deciding nothing like that will happen again and then of course it does once Alexa and Drew get back together (see book #1 again). So the whole book is just the two of them telling themselves that it's sex and that's it. They need to keep things from Alexa, because she's Pollyanna come to life and won't get that they are just hooking up and it's not a real relationship. Which btw was beyond stupid. 


Maddie we know is a stylist and I honestly wish that we got to focus more on scenes with her clients. Maddie is trying for a job on television in this one and it just felt really shoehorned in I thought. Theo is trying to get universal pre-K (I think..honestly I started to fall asleep at some point) via the Mayor's office and he's focused on that. That said though these two keep making plans to see each other and they eat a lot of pizza. To the point that even though I wasn't eating said pizza, I got tired of reading how much of it they ate. I think that's the biggest problem I have. This book was boring. I got zero sexual chemistry from Maddie and Theo because for some odd reason Guillory faded to black a few times on their sex scenes. I didn't get it especially since I liked how up front she was with that in the first two books in the series. 


The writing was okay, just repetitive. Reading the constant texts that Maddie and Theo were sending to each other while around other people got boring after a while. Also they are both rude as hell. I don't know why, this is fiction, but it started to irk me after we get to the scene of them trying to help Alexa pick a wedding dress that Theo is just focused on having sex with Maddie and texting her how hot she is. I mean what the hell. It doesn't get much better either when Maddie and Theo are both at Alexa's one day too. I get we are supposed to think that they are so sex crazed they can't help it, but I started rolling my eyes after a while. 


The flow hits a wall after a while though. I think it's because there's no real obstacle to these two being together and I was already ready for whatever crisis there was that was going to get them to that point. By the time it came, I just didn't care.


I think this book takes place in Los Angeles..or was it San Francisco? I can't even tell you since these two just spend time at Theo's place. Seriously though I wish that Guillory had incorporated the city like she did in the last two books. 

The book's ending was pretty funny though I have to say. Other than that, I was disappointed with this one.