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Two Narcissists Show They Don't Understand Love or Relationships

99 Percent Mine - Sally E. Thorne

Good grief I don't know who is worse, Darcy or her twin brother Jamie. How about both? Let's go with both. These two twins who are in their late 20s still have not got the concept of sharing and that you can't "own" another person. Darcy is the main character in this one and her first person point of view was aggravating as hell after a while. I think we are supposed to like Darcy's blunt ways. But honestly she was a jerk and I personally don't like people that push my buttons in order to get what they want. I honestly don't think she really loved Tom. She just hated that her brother may have more of a claim over the guy than she did. 


"99 Percent Mine" follows Darcy Barrett who is back in her hometown living at her deceased grandmother's cottage. Darcy is a bartender and we find out quickly enough she also used to photograph weddings. Something happened which caused Darcy to quit or lose her business. She's making do bartending though she wants to get on her way. It takes a long winding spell to learn that Darcy has a twin brother named Jamie she's not talking to right now. And she's also out of touch with her parents. Darcy is excited though since a childhood friend, Tom Valeska is going to be renovating her grandmother's house along with his crew. Darcy has "feelings" for Tom though she ran away at 18 in order to avoid them. Now she's back and wanting him even more. Tom though wants to concentrate on the renovation and not on Darcy.


I think I summed it up well enough. Too bad the book doesn't show what a mess Darcy is. The book rambles a long while before you can even get to most of this stuff. My main problem though is Darcy is selfish as the day as long. Oh there are moments here and there where she does something for her best friend (Truly) or to help out Tom (answers his phone so he can get some down time). But most of the book is her aggressively pushing her way in to make Tom feel something for her and dismissing him when he asks her to stop. And her staring at him and thinking about him naked. I think if Darcy was a male protagonist I would have disliked her and then that annoyed me since her behavior was just wrong no matter her gender. Thorne also throws in some mess about Darcy having a heart condition that she ignores for most of the book until the end and I don't even want to talk about that. And I guess we will also ignore the fact that Darcy seems to have an alcohol problem? 


The other characters are not very well developed. We find out what caused Jamie and Darcy's fall out (it was stupid) and you get how ugly both of them are with their concept of owning someone. 


The character of Tom made me feel very sorry for him. Darcy is nasty and jealous towards him and verbally abusive at times. I'm sorry, I was over her and wished that he run the other way. It wasn't cute or anything. I also didn't get to see what was so great about either of them. Thorne doesn't show us enough of their childhood or teenage history for me to get why these two should be together. I kept comparing this book to "Don't You Forget About Me" and found it all the way lacking. That's another book that talks about a teenage love and when they meet again. It was much more believable and I loved the main character and secondary characters. Everyone felt very real to me. This story, not so much. 


The grandmother character sounded like a mess. She's the one who got Darcy on the path to run away from people and I wish that Darcy's parents had showed up in this one to actually be there for both of their children. Also your kid has a chronic heart condition and you don't go by once when she stops answering her phone? Okay. Moving on. 


Truly was the only bright and shining star in this one and I wanted her and Tom to get together and leave the twins alone. 

The book was super repetitive after a while too with Darcy talking about owning a percentage of Truly and owning about 1 percent of Tom. Guess how much she owns after having sex with him? Jamie is a mess too with worrying that Tom not be totally his. And no, Jamie isn't gay (which wouldn't excuse this even if he was) but it just made zero sense to me. Is this a twin thing? Cause it's dumb. The dialogue was so bad between characters (who talks like this as a thing?) and Darcy's inner voice was just disjointed. Thorne jumps around too much to the point I don't even understand what Darcy's point was when she was talking to others and or thinking. 

The flow was off. The book felt endless after a while and I can't even tell you how many weeks or months this takes place over. Thorne doesn't do a great job setting the scene or doing written cues so you get how much time has passed.

The ending was beyond ridiculous. I just got nothing. The sex scenes were even blah to me because I didn't even like anyone. The only reason why I gave this two stars is that the book was interesting at different points when not focusing on Tom. I thought Darcy and Truly's relationship was great. And I wish that we had gotten more of that since it seemed that was the one person that saw her and told her about herself.