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Cat Out of Hell - Lynne Truss

Woo boy. This was not good. I think at one point I was going to DNF, but decided to just get done with it so I can throw it back from whence it came. An interesting synopsis does not a good book make. I was so happy to finish with this one I leaped into my next book.


"Cat Out of Hell" follows a man who just lost his wife, Alec Charlesworth. Alec is a man after a reader's heart. He's a librarian who just lost his job. Stuck in his lonely home with just his dog, Watson. Alec starts searching for why his wife has disappeared and is sent a file of interviews that is taking place between someone called Wiggy and a cat named Roger. Yeah. So that should have been when I said this book is not for you Blue, but I didn't. We find out that Roger is an old cat, and another cat named The Captain is behind Roger being immortal and is out to get him and anyone that stands in his way. The rest of the book is Alec trying to prove he's not insane while we read excerpts from interviews, emails, a screenplay, via cat telepathy, etc. that have Alec figuring out what is going on. There is also some first person narration that didn't help matters. I spent a lot of time figuring out who was speaking. It drove me up the wall. 


So Alec. Eh. I can't say I disliked him. I just didn't care. The book got so weird so fast and the writing doesn't draw you in enough. I think the different narrative styles actually pushed me out of the book a great deal. Watson the dog was awesome, that's all I got. Roger was kind of exhausting, like a real cat honestly. The fact that the author keeps saying he sounds like Vincent Price messed with me. I hate it when authors tell you what a person sounds like. I kept replaying Price doing the "Thriller" intro at one point while reading and laughing my butt off. Yes, I make my own entertainment when I am not enjoying a book. 


The writing was just okay. I already said the narrative styles didn't work for me. It doesn't help that at one point the author kind of throws out shade by saying via a character they don't care about the gaps in the story (there are plot holes galore). The flow was pretty bad too. I wasn't kidding about this book being a struggle to read and finish.

The ending just happens and we end on Alec and a survey and I maybe just went thank you I am done so I could claim this book for Halloween bingo.