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The Beginning of the Evil...

First Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders 1) - R.L. Stine

Oh Fear Street, how I have missed you. I think next year for Halloween bingo I may just read nothing but Fear Street books for squares. This is the first book in Stine's Fear Street Cheerleaders series. There are five books. As a teen I loved this whole series and couldn't wait for all of the installments. Fear Street and Shadyside High sounded like such dark and scary places and I always cracked up when something would happen and the police would just be all, well "Fear Street." This book definitely has a lot of girl get some sense moments, and there is actually not one, but two deaths. Stine never does shy away from killing off characters in a gruesome way. What was surprising is how we follow one main character and then it switches to another who will remain the lead for the rest of the series.


"First Evil" follows sisters Bobbi and Corky Corcoran. Both girls were very good cheerleaders back in their hometown and even were part of a team that went to state and appeared on ESPN. Seriously this gets mentioned a lot and I loved it. However, not everyone wants Bobbi and Corky to join the Shadyside cheerleading squad. When an accident leaves the former head cheerleader unable to walk again, Bobbi is named the new head cheerleader which causes a lot of resentment towards her. And then accidents start happening and Bobbi wonders if someone or something is stalking her.


So I loved Bobbi. She really wants to just be a cheerleader and make friends. She does make some dumb mistakes though. And at one point when she seems to throw herself into "dating" one of the local football players who has ties to another cheerleader I just shook my head. Bobbi and Corki though don't share a lot of scenes together though after a certain point which I thought was a mistake. Bobbi does try to go to Corki to talk to her about what she has seen and what she thinks is happening to her, but her sister doesn't believe her.

Corki is treated as a secondary character through the majority of the sister, until she is not and then we get to see more of her personality. We also follow former head cheerleader Jennifer and current cheerleader and queen of resentment Kimmy. Stine perfectly captures teen girls and how quickly they can turn on one another.


The writing is good, short and to the point at times. Stine definitely makes you scared about what is going on with Bobbi and also Fear Street in general. Also how does anyone live on Fear Street at this point? It's like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and everyone realized how weird their town was and never brought it up really. 


The ending was really good and I just maybe laughed at someone just going Fear Street and people stopped investigating what really happened. This is the first in a five book series, so think that Stine did a great job of making you care about the characters you read about and what happens next.