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Solid Installment in Death, but Timeline Drives me Bonkers!

Vendetta in Death - J.D. Robb

Well we have the 49th in Death novel and it's pretty solid. I am going to say though, if Bella (Mavis's daughter) is 1 freaking years old and can somehow read we have issues. Also it's only been a year?? "Born in Death" was book number 23 and I don't want every book to be a year, but good lord can they at least be 6 months or something? I think the biggest issue I have is that that Eve and Roarke have grown so much in such a short amount of time when you look at the series that it doesn't seem quite realistic. There's some other issues I noted below. That said, this was a solid installment which works since some of the last few books have been hit or miss for me. 


"Vendetta in Death" has Eve and her partner Peabody tracking down a serial killer going by the moniker "Lady Justice." Her first victim is found castrated with a sign on him. From there another man is found dead. Eve and Peabody start tracking down what all of these men have in common besides one woman saying how much they hurt and abused the women in their lives. 


Well Eve and Roarke were really good. I feel bad that I have started to skim over their love scenes. There's nothing more anymore besides the same old same old and Roarke speaking Gaelic while making love. The high points for me really were their reactions to a surprise by Mavis and Eve's shock when Mavis calls Summerset Bella's grandfather. I maybe howled. And also, how dense is Eve? Of course Mavis sees him like that. Plus considering Summerset's past, I think it's sweet. 


Peabody has definitely been toned down. The case gets to both Eve and Peabody when they start to realize that some of the men who are being murdered have ties to rape. Thank goodness that Robb doesn't go down the same path with Eve not being able to handle it though Roarke keeps talking about how pale and overworked she is. 


We have a great aside about something Feeney did for Eve in her past which I wish that Robb had followed up with in the present with just a quick discussion between Eve and Feeney. 


I am going to say this though, the thing with Nadine constantly getting in Eve's face for stories is old as hell. At this point how has no other network or journalist called out the favoritism between the two of them? I also don't really like how Eve uses Nadine to push something out there, and vice versa. It's been hinted at here and there that Eve realizes it's an issue and that people have noticed, but no dice so far. 


The writing was good though the main reason on top of the above I gave this four stars is that once again Eve instantly clues into who dun it and the book even gives us the serial killer's point of view. I found myself getting a bit bored at that point. As I have said before, there's no point to Mira since Eve is a better profiler than she is at this point. The flow works and we have Eve and Peabody racing to stop Lady Justice.

New New York in this future setting is always a surprise and I think for once the technology parts of thing actually worked. I am going to call BS on Eve getting a warrant though. She pretty much just talks to someone and gets one now. I don't get any tension anymore between her making her case and going to Reo. I am wondering how none of her arrests get thrown out sometimes based on the circumstantial evidence she had.

The ending was pretty sweet though even with all of the serial killing and all. The book just emphasizes how much Eve and Roarke love and need one another.