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Good Grief This Book Was Bonkers

Halloween Party (Fear Street) - R.L. Stine

So I don't even know what to say. What a crazy ride this book was. Also it takes place in 1984 and I maybe laughed at how some of the characters were talking. But the main plot and reveal of what the villain was up to made me go what in the world. And then I started to wrack my brain and wonder if I had seen a tv movie based on this book or what since it sounded familiar to me. I never read this the first time this was published back in 1990 so this was a new read for me.


"Halloween Party" takes place in the town of Shadyside (everyone needs to move okay?!) with a group of teens being invited by the new girl who has recently transferred to an exclusive party at a house purported to be haunted on Fear Street. Yeah, I got nothing, I would have hard passed, stayed home and ate some candy.


I liked that Stine started off the book with Terry and his girlfriend Niki walking through a graveyard on the way to this party and then the book jumps a couple of weeks back to when some of the students (9) get invited by the new girl, Justine, to a Halloween Party in an old mansion that her uncle is fixing up. 


There is some tension in the book prior to the party with the group of 9 kids turning on each other and splitting off into a jocks and wimps team. Since Terry is now dating his ex best friend's ex-girlfriend (you follow that?) he has even more tension built up about this party. 


I liked Terry a lot and Stine switches between Terry, Nikki, and another character as well (no spoilers). The fight between groups sounds like something stupid I would have done in high school so well done Stine. And I honestly didn't get what was going on with the party until the reveal so well done again.

The flow worked and I thought this was a nice book to get you in the Halloween mood.

The town of Shadyside has to have been built on a Hell Mouth though or something. I just laugh at people always going, yeah Fear Street and moving along.