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Dia De Los Muertos


Dia de los Muertos


Door 1:  Dia de Los Muertos


Task 1: Compose a limerick or short poem in honor of a favorite book character.


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Mr. Darcy initially feels appalled

When he meets the Bennet’s while at a ball

He kept being thrown together with them by chance

And even had to suffer a dance

With Lizzie and her unwavering wit

Which had him feeling quite like a twit

Still he held onto his pride

While asking her to become his bride

She said no and refused his hand

Which caused him to leave for his land

But caused the truth to eventually be known

And Mr. Wickham’s true character shown

Lizzie and Mr. Darcy eventually reconcile

And agree to marry in a short while

Which led this dear reader to believe

That true love can eventually be achieved


Task 2:  If you like Mexican food, treat yourself to a favorite dish – and / or make yourself a margarita – and share a photo.



Task 3: Write an epitaph for the book you most disliked this year.



Task 4: Do you have any traditions or mementos of happy memories of a loved one that you feel like sharing?



Book: Reread a favorite book by a deceased author or from a finished series, or read a book set in Mexico or a book that either has a primarily black and white cover or all the colors (ROYGBIV) on the cover, or a book featuring zombies. Read Vox by Christina Dalcher on 11-06-19.


Tasks Completed: 3