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Not Needed At All

Chesapeake Blue (Chesapeake Bay Saga #4) - Nora Roberts

This is going to be short, this book was not needed at all. Roberts jumps 18 years in time and we have Seth Quinn returning to St. Christopher, now a world celebrated painter (I maybe laughed at that) who is hiding something from his family. Seth instantly becomes intrigued by a local florist and he takes after Cameron with the whole, so we are just going to be in a relationship cause that is what I want. What sends Seth back to St. Christopher was beyond dumb. And his relationship with florist Drusilla lacks any heat at all. The only saving grace to this book is that you get to see how the relationships we got to see in the first three books have turned out. I was disappointed this book mostly showcases Seth, Drusilla, Anna, and Seth. I wanted more scenes with Ethan and Grace. I was okay with barely any scenes with Phillip and Sybill. 


"Chesapeake Blue" has Seth Quinn returning to his hometown after I think 5 years or so away in Europe. He plans on staying and working at his family's boat business, while also painting. Something is troubling him though and he doesn't know what to do. He fall in lust at first sight when he comes across florist Drusilla Whitcomb Banks. Dru is wary of becoming involved with Seth or anyone after her last relationship. Things don't improve when she starts showing signs of jealousy because of Seth's relationship with his cousin Aubrey. And there was a whole scene about that and I maybe screamed into a pillow. 


I think the problem with this book is now that Seth is grown, there was no need to tell this story. The first three books had a stronger tie, you had three brothers trying to do right by their father. This book just info dumps about the couples we have read about and we don't really get a sense of anyone in this one beyond Aubrey, Cameron, and Anna, and their kids. 


The writing was not good in this. There was no real tension until I think 50 percent or so into the book when you find out why Seth returned home. And then I got annoyed because the reason was a dumb one and Seth's justification for being this stupid didn't ring true at all. The flow was awful. 


The ending was just blah.