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Another Story About Fire

Red Rain - Dean Koontz

This one read as filler to me. We have even more repetitiveness regarding Nameless and the woman and two kids he keeps seeing. I hope that the next two do a bit better than this.


"Red Rain" has Nameless in a city that sounds like Chicago. He visits a woman who was left disfigured after someone set a fire that also killed her two children. Nameless asks her does she want the men responsible to die and she decides that she does. He quickly starts setting up all of the men involved.


Nameless is getting boring to me. Yes, I know you like to tip and it gives you pleasure to leave huge tips for people. Here's my question, isn't someone going notice some tall blond guy leaving $300 tips for a glass of wine? Anyway. His somewhat amnesia is becoming a bit boring now too. I wish we got to see more visions of Nameless, but this one there is nothing. So one wonders how he got pulled into this mission and why Ace of Diamonds got so interested. 

Not too much to say about all of the bad guys in this one. They don't read like the prior serial killers. The main guy who loves and also fears fire needed a bit more developing I think. 

The writing was repetitive and I just got bored. We get it, the woman he keeps seeing has purple/blue eyes which doesn't even sound real, but okay. The illustration for this one was pretty boring (just a kerosene can spilled over). The flow was fine though. This story moves really quickly to the somewhat lackluster ending. 


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