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International Day for Tolerance

International Day for Tolerance


Door 7:  International Day for Tolerance


Task 1: Find a redeeming quality in a book you read this year and didn’t like.


Well I recently read "A Whole New World" a twisted tale taking on the tale of Aladdin with twisting the story to have Jafar get the lamp and not Aladdin. So the one redeeming quality in the book that I liked was that Princess Jasmine realizes her dad wasn't a great ruler. He just hid in his palace and played with this golden toys and generally did not care that people were starving beyond it's walls. So that was quite grown up of her I thought.


A Whole New World review


Task 2: Share a story about yourself, or a story about your family that’s survived the generations, or share a particular tradition your family has passed on from generation to generation and if there’s a story behind why, tell us about it.




Task 3: The French expression for tolerance towards others is “laisser faire, laisser aller” (roughly: “let them do as they want, let it go”). Have you ever “let go” a book (e.g., given it away or decided not to yield to the temptation to buy it) and later regretted that choice?


Hmm. The only book I can recall doing this with is Tana French's "Broken Harbor." That was probably one of the strongest books in the Dublin Murder Squad series. I loved the main character Mick. I finished it and then promptly donated it to my local library. But that is the book next to "In the Woods" that I want to keep re-reading since there are so many layers to it. I can't even get it via my local library since the wait list is ridiculous. 


Broken Harbor (Dublin Murder Squad, Book 4) by [French, Tana]


Task 4:If you were offered an all-expenses-paid trip to one (one only!) of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, which one would you pick (and why)?


I would try to go to the Old City of Berne in Switzerland. I have always wanted to visit Switzerland and think it be a great time to go and visit this country. Every time I see images from Switzerland it reminds of what I imagine the North Pole could look like if Santa Claus was real. 


Old City of Berne


Image result for old city of berne


Top 10 Things to See and Do In Bern, Switzerland
  • Take in the views at Bern Münster. Cathedral.
  • Visit the Einstein House. 
  • Admire art at the Kunstmuseum Bern. 
  • Learn about Switzerland at Bundeshaus (Bern) Building, Market. 
  • See more art at Kunsthalle Bern.
  • Discover the Historical Museum. 
  • Meet the bears at Barenpark. Zoo.
  • Sample beer at Altes Tramdepot.



Book: Read a book about tolerance, or outside your comfort zone, or set in Paris (seat of UNESCO).



Tasks Completed: 3