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International Children's Day

International Children’s Day

Door 8:  International Children’s Day


Task 1:  What was your favorite children’s book growing up? Your favorite middle grade book?


My favorite Children's book was Peter Pan and I mean Disney's Peter Pan children's book. I think the color's fascinated me. And the ability to fly was a hard wish I had as a kid. For middle school it was Julie of the Wolves. 


Image result for peter pan disney children's book a little golden book



Image result for julie of the wolves


Task 2: Rediscover your childhood with a yo-yo, a slinky, - whatever toy you loved from childhood you still have access to, or make and blow some bubbles! Take a picture and share your fun with the rest of us.


So my problem is that I just loved to read as a kid. I didn't really do kid toys. I would play with my Barbies, or my brothers toy men and we would set up little storylines for them. Our bathroom was set up as a pool/island that they would go to in order to bathe or go to the beach. We turned the Thundercats castle into a house along with my Barbie dream house, etc. We had fights, babies, our toys cheated on each other, got married, divorced. We had a whole soap opera going on LOL. Too bad all of those toys have long been given away. And I don't have kids so I don't have access to any toys like that now. That said, I bought this cool light up toy when I went to a Holiday Park. I love that it changes colors, it is an unicorn and I have reveled in a toy just for me. 



Task 3: Make some art – draw a picture, or color one in and share the results with us. Free printable bookmarks can be found on Google images



Task 4: As a kid, did you enjoy visiting amusement parks and carnivals? Which were your favorite rides or shows? Do you still have any photos, or is there a memorable event you’re happy to share? – Alternatively, if you’re a parent now: Do you visit amusement parks / carnivals with your kids?


We had a traveling carnival that came to our town every summer. Now I am realizing that whole thing seems a perfect set-up to a Stephen King novel. Our church would organize a trip to Kennywood (in Pittsburgh, PA) every year too. My mom would end up coming down on the bus, but my dad would drive down later and then meet up with us. I loved all of us being together and just laughing and having a good time. I was not a fan of heights, but my little brother always wanted to go on them and I was always forced to go along. I really loved the carousel rides, the water rides, and anything dealing with the option to win a plush toy. 


I don't think I have any pictures of us at amusement parks which is funny since we had Kennywood and Idlewild in our own backyards. 


I think my favorite time though was when I went to Idlewild and go to Mister Roger's Neighborhood of Make-Believe. It no longer exists though, I think it got replaced based on what my brother has told me. I love that my nieces and nephews still go to Idlewild every year. It's become a family tradition I guess. 



Here is a picture I found. 


Book: Read a children’s or YA book or a book where children or teenagers play a significant role, or written by an author who was under the age of 18 at the time of publication.


Planned read "Prince Caspian."


Tasks Completed: 4