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David & Bathsheba Were in the Wrong! Mostly David! But Still!

Just Come Over (Escape to New Zealand Book 12) - Rosalind  James

Oh boy. My least favorite in this series. Not because I was scandalized by the brother in law falling for his widowed sister in law story, cause these fools equated their love to David and Bathsheba in the Bible. And they kind of both talk about how David sent a dude to his freaking death to steal his wife, but you know, love. I maybe banged my head a bit while reading this book. I guess it's the Sunday school training coming out.


David I considered a terrible man and an even worse King when you get down to it, but hey he couldn't help it, cause a woman drove him to it (I am giving this sentence stabby eyes).


Anyway, back to the book, Rhys story-line was interesting, but the whole secret child (but not really) thing didn't work. It was dumb and made zero sense. And Zora started working my nerves. I guess I wanted her to be more independent, she seemed so unprepared by things. Her son and her brother were my favorites though. Hayden (her brother) I think saw a lot and was finally pushing her to actually stand up to their parents. This and the last book had some very terrible parents, and the next book doubles down on it. So there's that. The romance part I didn't care about, I just rushed through most of this book honestly. 


This book really missed a lot of things I think. I wish that there had been more honest conversations about what a terrible father, brother, husband Dylan was. Speaking ill of the dead isn't an issue with me if it's accurate. 

The writing wasn't there for me or the flow. I think the book just dragged a lot. And after a while I started wondering if Rhys was a freaking billionaire based on what he was buying and doing. And his whole He-Man thing about getting married and having Zora pregnant with his baby (gagging noise). I just think that James went too alpha for me with the hero. Usually her rugby heroes are three dimensional, and I didn't find Rhys to be all of that after a while.

The ending didn't do much for me, but you know, epic review coming cause of the next book in the series.