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Who's That Girl

Who's That Girl? - Mhairi McFarlane

This was a strong 3.5 star read I rounded up to 4 stars. Biggest issue is that some characters read like cliches (Louis) and also Edie was a hot mess. It's fine if you are a hot mess, but she stayed a hot mess for a good majority of the book. Her being angry that an A-list star wasn't trying to get with her was just exhausting at some point. I thought parts of the book were funny and some sad (her discussing what happened to her mother and how that affected her family). I did like how things ended up, but wish that she had wised up sooner to the character of Jack who practically had "I am a wanker" tattooed on his forehead. 


"Who's That Girl" follows Edie as she attends the wedding of two of her colleagues. We don't know why Edie is sad, but eventually it all comes out. When Edie is found kissing the bridegroom the fallout from work and her social media is nuclear. When her boss gives her a chance to write an autobiography with the new hot English actor she jumps at the chance to get away from work even though it means returning to her hometown and memories she like to forget. Most of the big is Edie being told by her two oldest friends that the guy she thought could be the one was a liar and manipulator. And then Edie starting to catch feelings for her subject, Elliot. 

Edie...Edie has zero spine. Seriously, she just goes along to get along and even though her supposed best friend Louis at work is nasty to her, she just puts up with it. Seriously that is Edie's whole thing. She puts up with things unless it's dealing with her sister being mean to her, that she won't put up with. I wanted to feel sorry for Edie, but I just couldn't. Emotionally cheating is still cheating, and I am glad that the book also looked at her actions and didn't let her off scot free. The cyber-bullying aspects of things was awful though and McFarlane did a great job of showing a toxic work environment and how social media has become the Devil's playground.


The secondary characters such as Elliot didn't do much for me. He was fine, I just think that having her jump into a relationship felt really strange after everything she was dealing with.


The writing at times was funny, but honestly I wanted to look away a few times due to the cringe factor in certain places. 

The ending was really good and ends on a teaser which surprised me. I liked it though, so no complaints about that.