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The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill - Abbi Waxman

Nina Hill is doing just fine. She has a job at a bookstore, she gets plenty of time to read, and she has an adorable home filled with books and her cat. However, she starts thinking about one of her rivals at trivia night. And things get shaken up for her even more when a father and family she never knew about pushes their way into her orderly life.


I loved Nina so much! She has her planner and loves her schedules. She knows the most ridiculous trivia (except about sports). She realizes that her mother was not the best mother, but there is no lasting resentment there. I really loved how the book shows us how shaken things get for her when she's contacted by a lawyer and informed her biological father has passed away. Watching Nina trying to weave into a family that has it's own issues while trying to work out what is going on with her boss at the bookstore and trying to decide if she is interested in a guy named Tom.


The writing was great along with the little facts dropped about books here and there. There is some dialogue that is so snappy and hilarious that at one point I laughed for ten minutes straight (see one of the woman discussing a gentleman caller and how he talks to "her" body.) The development of the secondary characters was fantastic. I honestly didn't care too much about Tom's asides in this book, but didn't mind them after a while. 


The flow of the book was great from beginning to end. And I thought the ending was so cute.