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Sweep With Me

Sweep with Me  -  Ilona Andrews

This was a novella and I wish that it had been fleshed out more to make it a longer story. I think that Dina's quickness of reconnecting with Gertrude Stein was way too fast considering how much of the story had her full of angst because she can tell that she and the inn were not synched up like they were before her sacrifice in "One Fell Sweep." I loved the story-line though with a whole new powerful entity out there. I hope we get to see the new characters introduced in this one again in future stories.


"Sweep With Me" takes place during the same time period of "Sweep of the Blade." Dina is still recovering with her sacrifice when she connected with a seed before it would become an inn. She also feels afraid that Sean, her boyfriend, and werewolf, may get hurt and she will be left alone again. I loved that we get to see a tradition of the inn's on Earth during "Treaty Day" where they have to allow anyone who wants to stay at the inn, to stay as a visitor. Due to this, Dina has agreed to host three special people/groups who may cause her trouble with the Assembly. 


I loved that we get to see a new species in this one called the Drifen. They sound like superheroes or gods practically. I would love a new spin-off focusing on them and the leader that we get to meet in this one who had shades of Kate Daniels, though sadder somehow.

We also get Dina and Sean hosting galactic chickens. I maybe died at the illustration that was included.

And lastly we have Dina and Sean hosting a Medamoth. Sean's adventure with the Medamoth and Orro was the freaking best and I laughed for a long time. I wouldn't mind a POV.


I definitely cannot wait for a longer novel.