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I'd Know You Anywhere (Did Not Finish at 5 Percent)

I'd Know You Anywhere - Laura Lippman

Sorry, I had to DNF this thing at 5 percent. I have loved Lippman's Tess Monaghan series and this just fell flat. I stopped and started this book five times over the past two weeks and nothing about it grabbed me. Since it's due back soon to the library I just decided to put myself out of misery and DNF it formally.

I think what the problem is that Lippman's start of the book jumps around too much and I can't get a handle at what is going on. We have a woman named Eliza who is fretting her daughter, Iso (yeah I hated that name) is pulling away from her and wants to be more like a model. Her daughter also seems to criticize her constantly and generally sounds awful. Eliza has a son and I can't even remember her name. Considering the book synopsis, I thought this would be really good. Maybe if Lippman had started with Eliza's kidnapping first and then went back to the present day it would have worked better.