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A Stranger in the House

A Stranger in the House - Shari Lapena




Not too much to say here. No one was developed. The plot was paper thin. And then we have a twist, and a twist and I think there was a third twist that I saw coming from space. This book didn't offer up anything really new in the thriller genre. I am starting to call most of the books written like this, bad facsimiles of "Gone Girl." Heck, I didn't like "The Girl on the Train" but some of it, was at least trying I think. This book was just a mess after the initial intriguing beginning.


"A Stranger in the House" follows couple Tom and Karen Krupp. Tom comes home one day and is scared to find Karen's belongings at the house with her nowhere to be found. We then flash to another scene where some kids come across a dead body and steal the wallet (charming). Then we flash to Tom being worried and calling Karen's friends and finally the police. We then flash to an accident scene where a woman is being pulled out of the wreck and then we flash. Sigh. The book should have been called flash. Long story short, Karen is the one pulled out of the wreck. The police are charging her with reckless driving which somehow can get you sent to federal prison in New York. Karen can't remember what she was doing and what she was driving away from which caused her to run a red light and crash head first into a pole. The police think she's lying and her best friend Brigid has her own suspicions. The book just jumps back and forth between Tom, Karen, Brigid, and the police investigating the accident and then Karen herself. 


None of the characters are developed very well and oh surprise, everyone is lying about something. The police seem to be terrible at their jobs (seriously) and there's a lot of yelling here and there and somehow we got to the end with the twists. I officially am saying I am done reading this author. I gave "The Couple Next Door" one star and after this I am going to put Lapena on my do not read again even if there's nothing interesting at the library list. 



Speaking of "The Couple Next Door" I have to roll my eyes at Lapena again having the supposed friend and neighbor not being who she seems. I think at one point I got worried I somehow had blundered into reading "The Couple Next Door" again, but nope, different book, just same lying friend/neighbor with secrets of their own. These books could make you paranoid about getting to know women in your neighborhood. 


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