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No Place I'd Rather Be

No Place I'd Rather Be - Cathy Lamb

Nah you guys. This was from beginning to end a hodge podge of other of Lamb's works.


A character who is overweight (check) a mysterious family secret that really isn't secret if you have any critical thinking skills (check) a family that has names for all of their food (check) a family that somehow is making the best food or cake ever (check) a woman who is in love with a 6 plus foot man with barely any personality (check) a comment on CPS (check) children who have been abused (check). I liked Lamb's "My Very Best Friend" because she at least moved all parties to Scotland which made things interesting. This was written in 2017 and it just reads so poorly I didn't know what to do with it besides feel aggravated and relieved when I finished. 


I also did not like Olivia, she seems to be a victim of her own worst self at times and I had zero sympathy for her when she had her family and estranged husband ready to help but she was all, my pride, my pride. Don't keep going on about having $8 in your bank account and dealing with a terrible boss when you don't have to! I just...I am pulling my hair right now.


I can't say much about other characters because they are not developed at all. And I swear Olivia's nephew issues reminded me of another book of hers but I was too tired to look it up. 


I also shuddered at the HEA we get cause I have so many comments on it, but will wait until below to discuss in spoilers.



I don't know how familiar the readers are with the recent murder suicide of the Hart family and the many red flags there. I just felt uncomfortable at the thought of Olivia and Jace adopting 7 freaking kids. How are they supposedly giving 7 kids their full attention? Full love? Full care? 


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