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Miao Dao

Miao Dao - Joyce Carol Oates

This one dragged badly. And I guessed at what was going on and just felt letdown by it. The ending was a surprise though with Mia and her mother. I just think this should have been more tightly edited. I don't know if it was the writing style or flow (okay it was) but I didn't care for this one much cause it just dragged at times the writing was too vague and other times too detailed. Yes, I know I sound like a jerk. 


"Miao Dao" follows Mia. Mia is dealing with a lot of changes in her home and body. Her father has left their family. Mia is also getting harassed at school due to her body which has caused her to become increasingly isolated and alone. Her one thing she has though is that she lives near a colony of feral cats. She is constantly trying to get them to see her as a friend, but you know, feral cats. Eventually one cat ends up meaning more to Mia and you get to see the results of that.


Yeah I still don't know. I didn't like this one. The writing style really tripped me up. I also think the time period at times was unclear. I think we maybe went through at least a 2 year time period in this short story. 


I think Oates was trying to say something higher level about how girls and women are treated and maybe they are similar to feral cats. Yeah....I don't know. Did not like this one. Moving on.