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Shopaholic & Sister

Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie Kinsella

I tried to re-read this again last night but only got half way through. Wow. I forgot how aggravating Becky was in this book. Selfish is not the word. We also get a ridiculous plot point included in this one with adding a character that was not needed at all. I still say that Kinsella adding Jess was the death knell to this whole series. I honestly thought she had better sense than Becky (which isn't saying much). 


"Shopaholic & Sister" follows Becky 10 months into her honeymoon with her husband Luke. Becky thinks about going back home, but they still have 2 months to go. She and Luke though are getting tired of living out of hotels (poor things) and do miss their family. We find out that while they were away Suze had twins that are now about 2 months old. They decide to return home after Becky obsesses about a stupid bag. Of course Becky is shocked that things have moved on while she was away. Suze has another friend (another best friend it seems) and her parents appear to have secrets from her. Becky is finally told though that she has a half sister and that her name is Jess. Since Becky is feeling wounded over Suze she decides that she and her sister will be best friends and do tons of things together. Sometimes I forget that Becky is not 12 in this series even though she acts like it. Of course Jess is nothing like Becky and she hates shopping. 


Becky is still obsessed with shopping (seriously there's a whole thing going on with regards to a stupid angel bag and Becky once again landing Luke in trouble cause she doesn't think) though Kinsella weirdly makes Becky way less likable in this one. She says and does a lot of terrible things to people in this one that I was just over. She apparently went to multiple countries and bought a ton of crap. Luke rightfully puts her on a budget after cutting up her credit cards and she gets all resentful about it. I just....look I will be here all day if I get into this, but she sucks.


The other characters have barely anything to do in this one since we just follow Becky around while she acts like an ass and lies about a lot of things.


The writing just lost it's sparkle for me in this one. The flow was okay, it's easy to read and ignore I think.

The ending made me roll my damn eyes. I think I was supposed to be all, yes Becky and all of that, but she's ridiculous and never pays any consequences for her behavior.