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Every Dead Thing

Every Dead Thing - John Connolly

This will be a short review. This novel was awesome. It took my breath away at times at how good it was. I do have to say though that parts of it dragged, (why I gave it 5 stars and did not favorite it) and I totally figured out who the serial killer was at 30 percent which was a slight letdown since I like to be surprised. I also felt like Connolly shoved two separate stories together into this one novel. I'm not mad at it, but it was a lot to digest in one sitting. This book haunts you all the way through up through the ending. I loved the characters of Charlie, Angel, and Louis. Connolly does a great job of capturing New York, New Orleans, and other locations in this one. You feel the weight of the dead through the whole book and one wonders how Charlie will go on after this. 


"Every Dead Thing" follows ex-detective Charlie Parker. Charlie (otherwise known as Bird) comes home one night after getting drunk to find his wife and young daughter murdered by a serial killer called "The Traveling Man." Charlie disappeared to reemerge and start chasing down jail skips. Doing one of these leads him to wind up in the middle of a mysterious case where a wealthy widow wants Charlie to look up a young woman (Catherine Demeter) that her stepson was involved with. Charlie is also getting calls from "The Traveling Man" and is hell-bent on tracking the killer down. 


Charlie travels from Virginia and back to New York looking for Catherine. He feels himself pulled to her backstory and wanting to keep her safe. Charlie though finds out about a little town and the secrets that they hid. While doing that the Traveling Man taunts Charlie which has him going to New Orleans to track the killer down. He gets aided by a couple of criminals and a profiler (I guess I can call her that) that makes him wonder about a future.


I have to say the ending was wonderfully done though I guessed the serial killer. This book does feel dated at times (it was published in 1999) but it wasn't enough to ruin my enjoyment though.