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Golden in Death

Golden in Death - J.D. Robb

So for the 50th book in the series was slow to build. I know that readers have complained before about Robb just jumping in and throwing murders at us, but this one I have to say had a nice slow build and had us actually become invested in the victims. I also loved the backstory to what led to the murders. I also loved how Peabody was in this one. She's been working my nerves through several books now, but for once we get to see how smart Peabody is and how tough she's become. The main reason why I gave this four stars though is there is the usual stupid fight (well half fight) between Eve and Roarke. I also just started skipping over the sex scenes. I just don't care anymore and I hate the words "pour" now. Also Robb is still a bit focused on flowers/plants/trees from her latest stand alone as Nora Roberts that bled a bit over into this one. And for the love of all that is holy, let Eve and Roarke not talk about Eve's clothes for one book. I beg of you. A solid entry in the "In Death" series. 


"Golden in Death" follows Eve as she and Peabody investigate when a family pediatrician is found dead in his home. When Eve and others quickly realize that someone used a chemical agent to kill the dead man they worry that a bio-terrorist is on the loose. When Eve and Peabody link the next victim to the first, it all leads back to a school that where all that glittered, did not shine. 

Eve is Eve in this one. She and Roarke read a bit more subdued in this one though. Not a bad thing. They have a min-fight (that was beyond stupid since it's been an argument they have had before about money) but quickly get over it. I also can't anymore with Eve and now Roarke learning from a material arts master. I am sorry, I am a terrible person, every time I read about it I roll my eyes and snicker. This was a good showing of how thorough Eve is though. For once we don't have her experiencing nightmares or just instantly knowing who did it. We actually get to see her investigate (hallelujah) and what leads her to the guilty party(ies). 

Peabody was solid too and for once did not act like a psychopath. She had a great scene and smackdown of a terrible character in this one and I loved it. Usually she's sweetness and light and also kind of a dick about people who are not part of her "family".

We also get a showing of characters we haven't seen in a while, Louise and Charles. I was happy to see how they integrated into this one and I hope we get to see more of them in future installments. We of course have Summerset, Feeney, McNab, Harpo (Queen of Hair), Morris, Mira, Mr. Mira, Dickhead (I can't even remember his real name anymore), Callendar, etc. 


Kudos for once not having Eve and Nadine do their BS dance about exclusives. Frankly I did not miss Nadine and was glad she wasn't in this one. There are a few mentions of the Icove case and the movie, but blessfully it's not in our face like prior books. 

I did love the writing in this one and the look at the ugliness of school and what kids can do to each other. The flow was slow to start, it took a while to get going.


The setting of this one is New York in April 2061. We hear a lot about Spring, the smell of grass, flowers, etc. There's even a scene about a tree and I just did not care. I felt a little bit like I was reading Roberts last book, "Under Currents". Some of the science I kind of raised my eyebrow at. I don't know it seemed overly complicated. 

The ending in this one was really good. We don't get to hear the results, but we can guess.