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Social Distancing: Completion (Almost) of Day 21

I hope everyone is okay!


I am feeling much better and think the 72 hours I was on forced isolation last weekend definitely helped with things. 

My job is busier than ever. I’ve had to actually set up a home office instead of just plopping myself on the couch like I usually do during telework days. All praise the IT guys who helped me figure out what equipment was compatible with my work laptop.



Next up is replacing my grandmothers bedroom bench with an office chair. I ordered a cushion from purple to help with my stiffness and back for now, but I really need a chair to support my back. I’ve managed to narrow it down to three choices and will probably end up ordering one by next week.  

I feel very lucky I don’t need groceries or any supplies. Since I know a lot of people are having issues finding food I promised myself to only go shopping for essentials every three weeks. I have a huge pantry so I made sure that was fully stocked. 



I have been doing virtual workouts via my gym and it’s actually been fun and working. I have group chats going with my gym buddies so we let each other know what sessions were going to participate in. The only fly in the ointment is I had to buy equipment for use at home. And there seems to be some ridiculous price gouging going on with weights right now so I just bought a step package that included dumbbells and some yoga blocks and strap for a virtual yoga class that I joined that will start in the next week. 


How are you all coping? What changes have you made to your daily routine or homes?