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The Bromance Book Club

The Bromance Book Club - Lyssa Kay Adams

Not too much to say except this book was hilarious and heart-felt and I needed it badly right now. This is the first book in the series and I cannot wait to see what develops with other characters we are introduced to. I did love that Adams did a great job of showing us both sides to the hero and heroine's marriage (Gavin and Thea) and you end up feeling for both of them. This is true romance through and through with some excerpts from a Regency romance novel that I now want to read in real life. Seriously Adams, how are you going to give us teases and no ending for the book within the book?!


"Bromance Book Club" follows major league baseball player Gavin Scott. Gavin's wife Thea has asked for a divorce and he is drinking his woes away before his fellow players come to save the day. They tell Gavin they have a way to get his wife back, but he has to listen to them and do some reading. From there we get the most hilarious fictional men I have read in some time. I just want to hang out with them and listen to them talk about feminism and how romance books are great.


Thea we find is at a crossroads in her marriage. She wants to love and trust Gavin, but she realizes she gave up a lot for him and being a wife and mother of their twin daughters is not enough. There's a lot of backstory to Thea and I am glad we get to see it unravel over the course of the book. She and Gavin together made me root for them.


We get secondary characters like "The Russian" who my goodness man, go to a gastro doctor, heart-throb Braden Mack who has some hidden depths, and Gavin's best friend on the team Del. I hope we get a novella showing how Del was brought into the Bromance Book Club. Thea's sister Liv was a bit hard to take and I am glad that we get to see what was going on with her and why she's so hell-bent on her sister walking away from Gavin. I really disliked her through parts of the book, but I get why she acted the way she did. 


I loved the idea of men reading romance books in order to be able to delve deeper into how to make their wives and girlfriends happy. I do have to say that Adams does a good job of walking the line with the book we get to see. Though it is regency romance, it sounds like a Courtney Milan style book (a progressive woman and men with none of the darkness that were in the 80s romance books) so one wonders how the men in this book would find "Whitney, My Love" which is still among one of the worst romance books I have ever read. 


The flow was great. We get third person perspectives from Gavin and Thea and also chapters from the romance book that is Gavin's homework. 


The setting of the book takes place in Nashville which I have to say, I can't recall being at the center of a romance series before. 


The ending was great and hit the spot!