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Undercover Bromance

Undercover Bromance - Lyssa Kay Adams

Not too much to say except I loved the story of Braden and Liv. Both were introduced in the first book in the series and they really shined in this one. Adams takes on the romantic suspense genre in this one and I honestly now understand why I get bugged about most of those romance novels. You have the heroine supposed to meekly let the hero rescue her even when she tells him multiple times that she's good and can do things without him. I am still annoyed at the Nora Roberts books I have read when a smart and capable heroine gets walked over by the hero and told she just needs to deal with him protecting her and that's that. And I get really upset when the heroine has shown she can take care of herself but when the final showdown between them and the bad guy the hero saves her. Bah. Bah I say! 


Anyway, "Undercover Bromance" has Braden wanting a real romantic relationship like the rest of his club members. He has been dating a woman for a couple of months and thinks it is the perfect time to declare himself. Instead things go sideways at the fancy restaurant he takes his date when a $1,000 cupcake ends up in her lap. Liv is the pastry chef who caused the mishap and knows that her boss is going to fire her when all is said and done. When Liv overhears her boss sexually harassing someone she jumps in to stop it and puts a target on her back. She and Braden reluctantly (on Liv's side) work together to bring her boss down. This book really focuses on consent and the far reaching effects of sexual harassment. Adams does such a good job here with showing both sides but also showing how assholey (yeah I said that) some woman are towards other women who are reluctant to step forward. I was glad that the fictional conversation was had. I hate it when other women go looking for a woman scapegoat. 


Liv is hard-headed and you feel for her a lot. She still has some emotional scars because of her parents. I am surprised that Liv is still resisting a relationship with her father when Thea has set that ghost to rest. I did want more scenes between the sisters. However, I got why we didn't, the end of the last book showed how co-dependent the two of them were and I actually thought Liv sucked with wanting her sister to foist her husband out of her life for good. 

Braden and the club members per usual are a highlight. I laughed so much. And I maybe sniffled a bit when you read why Braden got into romance books and specifically why romantic suspense is his favorite. 


The romance actually worked for me (the enemies to friends trope works well here) and even the romantic suspense elements for once worked.


The ending was great and I can't wait for the next book!