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Suicide Run (Harry Bosch 14.6)

Suicide Run - Michael Connelly

"Suicide Run" is a compilation of three Harry Bosch stories. This series takes place between "Nine Dragons" and "The Drop." Per usual, here are my ratings for each story.

"Suicide Run" (5 stars)-Though the book takes place between "Nine Dragons" and "The Dragon", this story does not. We have Harry and Jerry Edgar working a probable suicide together. I forget what book had Edgar and Harry no longer partnered, but it's been a while. Harry and Edgar are called to a scene where they find a naked young woman named Lizbeth Grayson. It appears that Lizbeth committed suicide. However, small things are off that has Harry digging into whether someone else could have possibly murdered her. We also get a first look at Harry meeting Kizmin Rider as well.


"Cielo Azul" (4.5 stars)-This is an old case that involved Harry and his former partner, Frankie Sheehan. The two are called to a scene where a young girl is found dead. Due to a lead that is found during the autopsy, the two men come across FBI profiler, Terry McCaleb. This story had to take place during the late 1980s or early 1990s due to the story mentioning VICAP and how some detectives still don't trust it. I liked the look into this case and how Harry and McCaleb found out the guilty party. The end though takes place decades later with Harry wanting the name of the young girl who he found all those years ago and realizing that he may never be able to lay the case fully to rest. The main reason why I didn't give this a full 5 stars is that we got insight into Harry with the first few books and I don't know if he would have been like this earlier on. We got to see his feelings about the FBI and working cases too. 


"One-Dollar Jackpot" (3.5 stars)-Aww we get to see Harry and his former partner Ignacio again. I always felt like Connelly gave Ignacio a raw deal. This story was a bit confusing for me though I liked how Harry went about trying to solve it. We also get mention of Kiz in this one since one of the detectives on the scene who works this case with Harry knows her as well.