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Halloween Bingo 2017: Bingo Calls! Don't Forget to Report Your Bingos!

Please just report, first, second, third, and blackout bingos. Thanks all!




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First Bingo Calls: 


1. Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

2. Moonlight Reader

3. Tannat

4. isanythingopen

5. XOX

6. Ani's Book Abyss

7. Obsidian Blue

8. BrokenTune

9. Lora's Rants and Reviews

10.  Person of Interest

11. Char's Horror Corner

12. Lillelara

13. The better to see you, my dear

14.  Jennifer's BOOoooOOOks

15. Linda Hilton

16. Murder by Death

17. Emerjas

18. obsession with words

19. Tea, Rain, Book

20. JL's Bibliomania

21. Rane Aria

22. Wyvernfriend Reads

23. Chris' Fish Place

24. Horror @ Booker T's Farm


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Second Bingo Calls:


1. Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

2. isanythingopen

3. Tannat

4. BrokenTune

5. XOX

6. Lillelara

7. Linda Hilton

8. Murder by Death

9. Lora's Rants and Reviews

10. Emerjas

11. obsession with words

12. Lora's Rants and Reviews

13. Wyvernfriend Reads

14. Chris' Fish Place

15. Tea, Rain, Book

16. Jennifer's BOOoooOOOks

17. Rane Aria




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Third Bingo Calls:

1. isanythingopen

2. Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

3. BrokenTune


5.Linda Hilton

6. Lillelara

7. Murder by Death

8. obsession with words

9. Lora's Rants and Reviews

10. Wyvernfriend Reads

11. XOX

12. Emerjas

13. Chris' Fish Place

14. Tea, Rain, Book


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Blackout Bingo Calls:



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Halloween Bingo 2017: Obsidian Black Plague Cards

Skull means read and not called. 

Ghost means called and not read.

RIP will mean read and called.

The bolded squares show what I read for my second unofficial card. 




9/3/17-Cozy Mystery

9/5/17-In the Dark, Dark Woods


9/9/17-Locked Room Mystery

9/11/17-Murder Most Foul



9/17/17-Modern Masters of Horror

9/19/17-Terrifying Women

9/21/17-Diverse Voices

9/23/17-Haunted Houses

9/25/17-Serial Spree Killer 

9/27/17-Terror in a Small Town


10/1/2017-Darkest London 


10/5/2017-80s Horror

10/7/2017-Classic Noir

10/9/2017-Chilling Children

10/11/2017-Magical Realism

10/13/2017-Romantic Suspense


10/17/2017-Country House Mystery

10/19/2017-Amateur Sleuth


10/23/17-The Dead Will Walk


First Card




Second Card



Books read so far:


The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada, e.p. 320, read 9/1/17 (Locked Room Mystery)


Through the Woods by Emily Carroll, e.p. 208, read 9/1/17 (In the Dark, Dark Woods)


The Narrows (Harry Bosch #10) by Michael Connelly, e.p. 456, read 9/1/17 (Murder Most Foul)


Zone One by Colson Whitehead, e.p. 338, read 9/2/17 (Diverse Voices)


On the Night of the Seventh Moon by Victoria Holt, e.p. 336, read 9/3/17 (Gothic)


I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll, e.p. 302, read 9/4/17 (Free Space)


Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places, by Colin Dickey, e.p. 331, read 9/6/17 (Haunted Houses)


A Beautiful Blue Death, by Charles Finch, e.p. 324, read 9/8/2017 (Darkest London)


The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donahue, e.p. 288, read 9/9/17 (Genre: Horror)


The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie, e.p. 192, read 9/9/17 (Country House Mystery)


Wait Til Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn, e.p. 196, read 9/10/17 (Ghost)


Moon Over Soho by Ben Aaronovitch, e.p. 396, read 9/12/17 (Magical Realism)


Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt, e.p. 448, read 9/14/17 (Witches)


Carmilla by J Sheridan Le Fanu, e.p. 110, read 9/15/17 (Vampires)


The Thin Man by Dashiel Hammett, e.p. 210, read 9/17/17 (Classic Noir)


Night Shift by Stephen King, e.p. 368, read 9/17/17 (American Horror Story)


Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs, e.p. 335, read 9/18/17 (Werewolves)


The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen, e.p. 278, read 9/20/17 (Terrifying Women)


Deeper Than the Dead by Tami Hoag, e.p. 407, read 9/21/17 (Terror in a Small Town)


The Willows by Algernon Blackwood, e.p. 60, read 9/21/17 (Classic Horror)


Hellraiser Volume 1 by Clive Barker, e.p. 128, read 9/21/17 (Demons)


World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks, e.p. 352, read 9/27/17 (The Dead Will Walk) 


The Bad Seed by William March, paperback 205 pages, read 9/28/17 (Chilling Children)


Stinger by Robert McCammon, e.p. 542, read 10/1/2017 (Aliens)


Wild Seed by Octavia E. Butler, e.p. 288, read 10/2/2017 (Supernatural)


The Secret Woman by Victoria Holt, e.p. 379 pages (Gothic


Iron Kissed by Patrica Briggs, e,p. 321 pages (Supernatural)


On the Prowl (Alpha & Omega #.5) only read the Patricia Briggs story by Patricia Briggs, e.p. 61 pages (Werewolves)


77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz, e.p. 466 (Haunted Houses)


Miss Marple 3-Book Collection 1: The Murder at the Vicarage, The Body in the Library, The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie, e.p. 667 (Locked Room Mystery)


Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson, e.p. 218 (Terrifying Women)


Tales of the Peculiar (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children 0.5) by Ransom Riggs, e.p. 192 (Free Space/Creepy Raven)


A Murder is Announced by Agatha Christie, e.p.298 (Amateur Sleuth)


Total amount of pages read for Halloween Bingo 2017: 10,020 pages. 

Double Nope

Woman No. 17 - Edan Lepucki

This was torture. I don't even know what to say except I did DNF it the other day at the 26 percent mark when I realized I loathed the two leads (Lady and Esther though she is called S (S for Snake) by Lady's younger son.


I felt like I was drunk while reading. I saw words on the page and nothing made sense. I hated the POV of Lady and I hated the POV of S. They are both two sides of the same messed up coin. I finally called it quits on page 75 of 311 of my e-book copy when I realized that I was rooting for a serial killer or some horrible accident to take them out.


I think the biggest issue I had was that Lady and S are not very nice. They are both doing a terrible job of being human beings. Lady is annoyed by her young son and that her current husband is a good guy. That's all I got really. She is trying to write a book and so filled with artistic spirit she can't be a mom as well as write at the same time. And I get that. You really can't work with a little person hanging off of you. But instead of taking her estranged husband up on his wanting to watch their son she's all no. You shall not pass. It's like she is afraid that even though she doesn't want to be bothered with their son, she doesn't want him to have his father. 

And Lady has an older son that is mute. I was intrigued for five seconds there and just lost any interest in him as a character. It seems that the author is without an ounce of subtlety showing that something may go down between S and him. 


S is messed up. The end.


Sometimes I can get into a book showing terrible people (Holden Caulfield anyone) but after a while I find it boring to read. It's just the writer showing you how terrible they are again and again and you waiting for other characters to say screw this and be done with them. 


The writing is not pulling me in at all. I am just annoyed this was touted as a thriller and so far there is none of that happening. Also the darkly comic part is not coming through at all. 

A Murder is Announced

A Murder Is Announced - Agatha Christie

What a great look at the Miss Marple series. This one has an interesting cast of characters, Miss Marple showing everyone up, and references to characters that many in the series should know by now, such as Sir Henry Clithering. Due to Miss Marple's connection to Sir Henry and just being around the area, she gets pulled in to investigate when a supposed murder party goes wrong and then two more people die afterwards. 


The book begins when residents of Chipping Cleghorn read about an announcement for murder in their local newspaper. It gives the time (6:30) and place (Little Paddocks) on October 29. The owner of Little Paddocks (Letitia Blacklock) knows nothing of this until relatives of her that are staying on at her home bring it up. With Ms. Blacklock realizing that the announcement means the whole village (or there about) are going to descend on her home, she decides to make preparations. 

I have to say that due to the characters that Agatha Christie has in this one you have no idea who could be behind things until the end. Once that happens, you will do what I did the first time I read this book, you will go back to certain places in the book and you will realize how Christie pointed out several things to you that you may have not realized the first time through. I will say that I hate that the e-book version shows the most frequently highlighted passages. That can give you a clue as a new reader but it also can spoil things for you. Turn that off if you can and just read the book fresh.


Miss Marple was on top of her game for this one (IMHO) and I loved how she was welcomed by the local police and used her great powers of deduction to figure this one out. It was great to read about how Sir Henry called her one of the best detectives he ever met. 


I also really enjoyed the character of Bunch (she reminds me of a scattier version of Dolly Bantry. Also the character of Inspector Craddock was great. He could have been a naysayer to Miss Marple. But he quickly takes her on board as a colleague of sorts and I would love to see this one re-done with the younger Inspector learning the ropes fro Miss Marple. Heck, I can see a kick butt spin-off as a BBC adaption. 


The setting of Little Paddocks as well as the whole village feels a bit like a village that time forgot. This was written in the 1950s, but I think the book is supposed to take place after World War II, but for some weird reason, it reads as if it was during the war due to people making a note of bartering, only being allowed to have so much coal, etc. I didn't know that England was still under rules such as that in the 1950s. I am sure one of you will let me know about that in the comments.


What I get a kick out of in this one is that Christie explores the same themes in this one (no telling) in several of her other works. I just think she did a much better job of them in this story.  


Bingo Call: 10/23

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The dead will walk: basically, zombies



Reading progress update: I've read 10%.

Whispers Under Ground  - Ben Aaronovitch

Well Peter is working with the Murder Squad. Lesley is working with Peter and Nightingale. And I wonder how Lesley is going to fit in with the boys now that she's doing magic. 


Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

A Murder Is Announced - Agatha Christie

What a great book. Loved all the characters and how Miss Marple put it all together. Sir Henry speaks highly of her and his godson is in charge of this case and soon depends on Miss Marple too.


In the end you get to see how one murder leads to three.




Reading progress update: I've read 13%.

A Murder Is Announced - Agatha Christie

Well now a murder has occurred in a house full of neighbors. One wonders what's going to happen next.


Out fall clothes shopping and taking a food break with my Kindle. 


Bingo Call: 10/21/17

Bingo Call:


Any book that has a demon or demons in it. Or if the author spells them daemon that is okay too. 

Books are a uniquely portable magic.

Stephen King

Reading progress update: I've read 3%.

A Murder Is Announced - Agatha Christie

A murder is announced and will take place on

Friday, October 29th, at Little Paddocks at 6:30 p.m.

Friends please accept this, the only imitation. 


Reading progress update: I've read 11%.

Woman No. 17 - Edan Lepucki

I can't even remember the day I started this, but I find it boring as anything. Reading about an unlikable character is a book killer to me. Just making someone nasty does not an interesting narrative make. 

An Older Three Pines

The Cruelest Month - Louise Penny

I really need to get a timeline down on the events that have happened to our main character and the villagers of Three Pines. Both seem tied together in my head, but you realize that things have occurred to Chief Inspector Armand that colors how he investigates now. I really wish we had gotten more detail about that. It sounds like a terrible case he was involved with that is now causing repercussions to his family.  Three Pines is still the picturesque village that has a darkness on the fringes of it though. Another murder takes place and Armand is called in to investigate. Honestly though, most of the book is about Armand's former case and who is out to get him. Things get somewhat wrapped up in this one. 


Image result for snow falling on sunny day in forest gif


Without trying to fully recap the book. We have the villagers of Three Pines along with familiar characters dealing with the annual Easter egg hunt. Ruth is being a pain, everyone is ignoring her, and people are at odds with each other due to a seance that is going to be happening later. The seance leads to another one that leads to a death. We don't know for sure if it's murder, but Armand and his team is called onto the scene to investigate.


We deal with a lot of things this book, but ultimately Penny focuses on love and jealously. We see love via Armand for his wife and family, for his friends (or those he counts as them) and for his protegee Jean Guy Beauvoir. Heck, we even see the love Armand has for Three Pines and the inhabitants there. But ultimately we get to see his love for justice in this one. It's been alluded to that Armand has been through the wars so to speak and we finally get some minor details about what case did Armand close which caused him to be an enemy of most of the senior officers. 


We also see jealously play out again and again in this book. Peter's jealousy of the fact that his own wife is better at him in painting. Other characters jealously of Armand and several side characters jealously of one another. It's definitely one of those, hey just take a walk in someone else's shoes for a moment and quit thinking things are rosy. 


The writing was good in this one. I just got a bit bored at times. Probably because there were two story-lines going on and honestly I was not interested that much in the murder. I was interested in Armand coming out ahead of those who are trying to ruin his name. The flow was pretty good though. I think I only got bored because I was just over the Three Pines characters at certain points. Some of these characters have been dealing with murder for a good decade I think. At that point you have to wonder how many of them like it when heartbreak comes around. 


The setting of Three Pines is definitely a village that seems to attract darkness. We hear the fact that the village itself is a warm and loving place, but that is why bad things keep occurring to blot it out so to speak. 


The ending left things up a bit in the air though about what is Armand going to do next. I am glad we finally get to see some of the guilty parties unmasked in this one. But it doesn't seem like Armand is going to have an easy go of it. 


Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

The Cruelest Month - Louise Penny

This one was a little slow going for me. But I still loved it. 

Random thoughts:


I don't like Peter. I love Clara and am scared for her in future books. Penny's omnipotent narrator alludes to the fact in books #1 and #2 that Clara's work would become well known and we see now that it is happening, how much Peter sucks.


I don't care for Ruth, but felt sorry for her in this one. And I have no idea if I would have been able to restrain the urge to pop her one for throwing Easter eggs at me.


I want a story centered around Mryna. Now.


Three Pines is straight up book form of Cabot Cove (Murder She Wrote) people need to stop being killed there.


I don't know how this leaves Chief Inspector Armand Gamache since he has now made even more enemies. Love the twist. Did not see any of that coming. 


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Please welcome a book lover and blogger - Obsidain Blue!

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What was the very first book that made you a book lover?


Oh this is such a hard question for me to answer! According to family lore, I fell in love with Peter Pan (Disney version) and demanded that it be read to me every night before bed time. I loved the idea of going to a place called Neverland and being able to fly due to fairy dust. While growing up I used to have dreams about flying and Tinkerbell was always there to sprinkle fairy dust on me.


What made you start writing about books/book blogging?


I started blogging when I joined BookLikes. I initially moved all of my reviews from Amazon over to Goodreads. However, once Goodreads started what I like to call the “shelf wars” I decided to join BookLikes after I heard about this site from a couple of mutual friends and checked it out. I loved the whole site and got very excited about being able to not only post updates and reviews, but to also just share my thoughts about books and other topics. I also really love that we can upload pictures and gifs without getting angry and wanting to throttle our computers. Or maybe that’s just me that gets angry at trying to upload gifs anywhere else.



Did blogging have an impact on your (reading) life?


Yes. Due to blogging I found a lot of authors that I have never heard of before and fell in love with due to recommendations from fellow bloggers that I must stop what I am doing and read this book. I found myself also reading a lot of different genres due to seeing what fellow bloggers are reading and them making the book/author sound awesome.


What are you favorite genres? Why are they special?


I am going to say romance, mystery, and horror. I find all three genres special because in the right hands a book that is written well can sing to me. I tend to re-read a lot of old school romance titles, but thank goodness someone suggested Courtney Milan to me when I first joined BookLikes. I found myself falling in love with the genre all over again. Mystery books are fun since I am always trying to figure out who did it. Give me a locked room mystery book and I am thrilled. Horror books are special since I often think some of the best horror books become classics because it shows you how terrible sometimes other human beings can be to each other. “The Girl Next Door” made me cry after I finished it. Knowing that it was based on a real life case broke my heart.



On your BookLikes blog you’re regularly co-creating bookish and reading games, i.e. BookLikes-opoly and Halloween Bingo. Where the ideas come from? Are you planning a new game for BookLikers soon? ;)


Moonlight Reader and I love making up games for everyone on BookLikes to play. She and I will bounce ideas back and forth and decide what we think others will like. We did Halloween Bingo last year and we had a request to do another one this year so that was easy for us to do.


She was the brains behind BookLikes-opoly. We both wanted to play a board game, but she hit upon taking Monopoly and including Disneyland together.


Moonlight is definitely the artist in our dynamic duo though. Have you seen the bingo cards? They are beautiful. Maybe next year you guys can join in with us!


Yes we have another game coming this way and I am not going to tell you! Just watch our blogs to see!


What are your three favorite book covers?


I will keep this to my three favorite book covers for 2017!

A Crown of Wishes - Roshani ChokshiThrough the Woods - Emily CarrollOne Fell Sweep - Ilona Andrews


You’ve reviewed over 1K books on your BookLikes blog! Congratulations! Do you review all books your read? How does you review process look like?


Yes. I post reviews for every book I read. I will admit though that I re-read a lot during the course of the year, I just don’t post reviews for those books. My review process works with me trying to think of a high level summary for why I rated the book the way that I did. And then I provide a mini-synopsis to explain who the characters are and what their motivations are in the book. From there I go into character development, how I found the writing, the flow of the book, the setting, and the ending. I will sprinkle some gifs in there if I feel so inclined.


Which books are you most excited recommending to your followers?

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders (Pushkin Vertigo) - Shika MacKenzie,Soji Shimada,Ross MacKenzieThe Changeling - Victor LaValle


What’s your reading spot? We’d love to see the photos :)


I love my bed. I have a lot of pillows and just snuggle up with a book, a throw, and a cup of tea. When winter comes, my next favorite spot comes into play. That is my couch right next to the fireplace.


A paper book or an e-book?


Both. I still buy paper books. If I like a book enough, I like to buy it for my permanent book shelves. E-books are great for traveling. Since I am constantly on work travel and take several vacations during the course of a year, it just makes more sense to have a Kindle or other reading device so I can download a ton of books before I go. Before e-readers, when I traveled, I used to pack about 10 books to take with me.


Are you reading one book or several at a time?


I always read one at a time. That said, if a book I am reading is not working for me I skip to the next book on my list.


A book that changed your life?


I am going to go with The Babysitters Club series. When I started reading that series I had to have every book. I loved the special editions that included pictures of all of the girls (Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, and Dawn). To this day I am so mad that my mom took my books and donated them because she thought I was done with them.  


Favorite quote?



If you could dine with one literary character, who would it be? And what would you order? ;)


Wow this is hard. Okay, I would think that if I could dine with anyone, it would be with Dumbledore. I think he would make a great dinner party companion and I would order butterbeer and cauldron cakes.


Shelfie time! Please share your home library photos :)



Thank you!




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Reading progress update: I've read 25%.

The Cruelest Month - Louise Penny

Someone tell me Inspector Gamache is not about to be brought down because of some bs pettiness by corrupt officers?!!! I am stressed out. He is back in Three Pines because the villagers are not that bright. Sorry, I had to say that. Doing a seance in the home of a former friend who tried to murder them, and than the other family who went to live there in book #2 had a death. That place should be burned to the ground and the Earth salted.

That said, I am glad Gamache is on the scene. 


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